Practicing being environmentally-friendly | RhinoShield's Eco-Friendly Packaging

"Protect technology, the planet, and individuality" is the brand vision of RhinoShield. 


RhinoShield Asia's new eco-friendly packaging

We have been trying to implement our brand vision through product design, production, and operation all the time. To protect our planet, in addition to developing sustainable technology materials, we have launched eco-friendly packaging for RhinoShield's products.

Our new packaging is made from eco-friendly ink printing and recyclable paper with the purpose of reducing the usage of disposable plastic. By doing so, an estimated 56 metric tons of plastics, which is equal to the size of 16 football fields will be reduced per year!

RhinoShield Asia's New eco-friendly packaging
The eco-friendly packaging is only the beginning, and we will continue to reduce the impact of our products on the environment. When you are purchasing our products, you are also absolutely contributing to the sustainability of the environment. Greatly appreciate your participation and support! Let's join hands to protect our planet together!
Thank you very much for joining and supporting us!

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