Why You Should Choose a Good Brand for Your Protective Phone Case


Do you really need to be picky about the phone case you use? The answer: YES.

Imagine a busy day at work. You have clients to call, suppliers to contact, teams to monitor, and project updates to send. Then, you suddenly dropped your phone, damaging it badly. 

Now, suddenly, out of the blue, your work schedule is in disarray: you’ll have a hard time finishing important tasks, not to mention communicating with colleagues, family and friends. But worst of all, you’ll have to use your emergency cash to buy a new phone! 

To save yourself from the hassle, we recommend getting a good quality phone case that can protect your device from unexpected drops or impacts. It doesn’t matter if it’s an iPhone, Android, or even a Samsung case. You don’t need to be troubled by your phone being unnecessarily broken.

The good news is that RHINOSHIELD can ease your worries! We offer the best phone cases that will keep your device safe while protecting the planet and your individuality at the same time.

Why Should You Keep Your Device Safe?

Your mobile device allows you to do many things, from communicating with the people you love to staying updated with work. It also lets you research and access different online content, as well as organize all the tasks and responsibilities in your busy life. 

In the course of its lifetime, your phone may encounter physical damage like accidental drops, water damage, and other accidents. When any of these happen, retrieving inaccessible contacts and personal information from your device can be a  major inconvenience. 

Also, keeping your phone safe for a long time helps minimize electronic waste. In 2019 alone, approximately 19 million tonnes of electronic waste came from smartphones. So when you have a protective phone casing, you take part in reducing e-waste.

4 Reasons to Choose RHINOSHIELD

When choosing a protective phone case, you must consider several factors, including durability, product line, aesthetics, customization, and customer service. 

Whatever your device is, be it an iPhone or Android phone, you need the best case for its protection. 

Guess what? RHINOSHIELD has all of this for you! Find out why our phone case is worth the investment: 

1. Good Quality Impact-resistant Phone Cases

The best phone cases should be strong and tough enough to face the daily stresses a device encounters – and this is where RHINOSHIELD has an advantage.

Our protective cases are made from ShockSpread™ material, which weighs a surprisingly light average of 30g and reduces the overall volume by 40% and the overall thickness by 22%.  

You can never find a good quality phone case as thin and light as ours. Our phone covers can absorb high impact (over 11 feet), resisting large destructive forces. And best of all, it exceeds the US military drop-test standard.

Not only that, RHINOSHIELD cases work for iPhones, Android, and Samsung devices and are proven to be eco-friendly. We follow a mono-material design principle in making our cases, meaning we use single materials to create easily recyclable products.



Here are the  advantages you’ll get from The ShockSpread™ material: 

-Super tough yet flexible 
-Thinner yet just as protective 
-Spotless and able to resist many water-based and oil-based stains
-Free of harmful chemicals


      2. Variety of Impact-Protection Phone Cases & Accessories

      Do you need a design that works well as a stylish iPhone case? Or how about something that looks like a quality Samsung case? Or better yet, how about something as versatile as an Android case? RHINOSHIELD also has a wide selection of protective phone cases and accessories for your needs. 

      We have a casing product line that includes the following products: 
      -Mod NX: a modular case that consists of a frame, rim, and backplate that protects the whole device. 
      -SolidSuit: an easy-to-install slim protective case that gives you maximum protection with a premium finish 
      -Clear Case: a transparent phone case that provides advanced yellowing resistance
      -AirPods case: a case with a two-part cap and body design that allows for customized color pairings

          RHINOSHIELD also provides other tech accessories for you: 

          -MagSafe Compatible series
          -Apple Watch Cases

          -Utility lanyard for phone

          -Crossbody lanyard for phone

          -Wrist lanyard for phone
          -3D Impact Screen Protector
          -9H Tempered Glass
          -Other Accessories

            3. Highly Customizable Protective Phone Cases

            RHINOSHIELD recognizes everyone’s individuality. You can get customization through an aesthetic phone case of your choice–either original or collaboration designs.

            We collaborated with more than 70+ big IP and indie artists around the world. You can choose from artists to comics, manga, and other popular designs!

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            Also, you can create or design your own unique phone case! All you have to do is follow a quick step-by-step process, and you're on your way to customizing your phone case! 


            4. Limited Warranty & Lifetime Replacement for Select Phone Cases

            When you buy a phone case from RHINOSHIELD, you automatically join the Lifetime Replacement Program Policy, a Lifetime Warranty program that covers the following conditions: 

            -Normal daily wear and tear 
            -Installation Failures 

              The Limited Warranty Program also covers any defects in material or workmanship within the warranty period ( two years starting from the date of arrival of the product). 

              RHINOSHIELD will replace the product at any charge with a brand new product of the same model. 

              The Takeaway

              You know how important your phone is–RHINOSHIELD does too. That's why we ensure the highest quality phone cases are available wherever you are in SouthEast Asia:  Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia,Vietnam, and more.

              Do you want to learn more about how to get the best possible aesthetic cases for your mobile device? Find out which phone case fits your style here