RHINOSHIELD X noii noii Case Collection

noii noii

Noii Noii is an independent Taiwanese handcraft brand known for its adorable yet humorous, vintage animal illustrations combined with ceramic creations. The name "Noii Noii" sounds like "no yi, no yi." The creator, Tete, came up with this name in 2015 while studying in Spain. Her homemaker complained about her messy room, and to Tete, who was baffled by Spanish at the time, the nagging sounded like "noii noii." Instead of tidying up, she was pleased with the sound and chose it as the brand name.

In its detachment from the world, Noii Noii unexpectedly preserves a childlike perspective. Through whimsical and quirky structures, it showcases the delicate everyday scenes. The beauty in its crookedness, the softness, and the comfort embody the essence of Noii Noii!