4 Holiday Phone Cases to Rock this Christmas

The season of joy and cheer is upon us! We’re ready to bring back that Christmas cheer by showing you how you can rock the festive season with a new phone case from us. 

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If you feel like a Christmas sweater or a pair of socks isn’t enough, we have an excellent selection of holiday phone cases. So, if you’re on the hunt for the perfect Christmas present for your loved ones or yourself, ⁣it's never too early - or too late - for your Christmas shopping!

Here are some selected Christmas phone cases for you to add to your cart this holiday season:

Harry Potter

If you’re a Potterhead, we have good news! RHINOSHIELD has a phone case collaboration collection

Harry Potter movies are perfect for Christmas, there are many classic moments in the books that either take place over a Christmas break or around the holiday season.

This is why the collection is perfect for Christmas and Harry Potter fans. In particular, the Christmas Sweater case designs are styled for all the houses - Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff.


RHINOSHIELD x Harry Potter RHINOSHIELD x Harry Potter
RHINOSHIELD x Harry Potter RHINOSHIELD x Harry Potter

From magical spells to iconic characters like Dobby, the Harry Potter collection is a unique design and they have many choices to choose from which you can view here

Lazy Rabbit and Mr. Chu

Lazy Rabbit and Mr. Chu are an unambitious duo with different personalities who bring joy and happiness to everyone! This makes them perfect for a Christmas. With over 35 different designs, there is surely one that you would want to buy for Christmas.

We have one specific Christmas-themed phone case, About Christmas we’d like to highlight. The print on this case looks like Christmas wrapping paper, making it a beautiful and surprising gift.

 RHINOSHIELD x Lazy Rabbit and Mr. Chu - Clear case RHINOSHIELD x Lazy Rabbit and Mr. Chu - Samsung case SolidSuit

RHINOSHIELD x Lazy Rabbit and Mr. Chu SolidSuit iPhone SE 3rd generation Case - About Christmas RHINOSHIELD x Lazy Rabbit and Mr. Chu - iphone case SolidSuit
rest of the collection also has great options for the rest of the year!


Puffingmuffin is an artist and illustrator based in Singapore. Her work features a fun mix of playful characters in bright colours.
She plays with a lot of cat illustrations, so fans of cats would like this collection very much. One case, in particular, would be a wonderful gift to any cat-lover on Christmas: the
Whoopsy phone case.

RHINOSHIELD X Puffingmuffin - iphone case whiteRHINOSHIELD X Puffingmuffin - Android case

RHINOSHIELD X Puffingmuffin -Clear caseRHINOSHIELD X Puffingmuffin - phone case pink


Santa Claus's reindeer have been part of popular legends, folktales, and old tales. For centuries they've helped Santa deliver gifts to children in time for the big day.

We’ve compiled some cute deer cases for fans of Rudolph and friends. These cases can be customised with different colours and art.

For example, the Deer Woods phone case shows the silhouette of a great stag and also comes in white. You can opt for a plain black case or even one in clear.

RHINOSHIELD phone case-Deer WoodsRHINOSHIELD phone case Geometric The Winter Deer White

For something cute, the Joli Bambi Deer phone case has a cute deer with a flower on its head.

RHINOSHIELD Joli Bambi Deer phone case RHINOSHIELD phone case-The Joli Bambi Deer
Gazing White Deer case has the deer wearing a cute Christmas-themed sweater.

RHINOSHIELD phone case- Gazing White Deer- dark tealRHINOSHIELD phone case- Gazing White Deer - Black

The holiday cheer is already here! So, if you haven’t started yet, you really should begin your Christmas shopping soon. Whether you want to look at the list of choices we have or you want to try and customise your holiday phone case. We have it all!

So throw on your favourite Christmas sweater and drink a cup of eggnog. Sit back, relax and browse our website for the best holiday phone cases in the market. Keep your eye out for amazing deals from RHINOSHIELD as discount offers are available during the holiday season.


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