RhinoShield invites six CHANGEMAKERS from Taipei to collaborate on the "CHANGEMAKER CITY SERIES".

In every city, there is a group of people who are not confined by the framework, whom are so-called CHANGEMAKERS. They are full of enthusiasm and creativity, and give their best when facing challenges; they are brave and resolute, with a broad vision on the way to realize their dreams. Plus, they are bold and fearless, and do not settle for mediocrity in their respective fields of innovation and change. They not only lead the new generation to show their unique creativity, but also add diversity to each city!

 6 brands from different fields in Taipei, to collaborate on the "CHANGEMAKER CITY SERIES"

 In 2022, RhinoShield invites the CHANGEMAKERS from Taipei, 9CE skateshop, Abei, nabiis cycles & coffee, WILDER, WISDOM® & MFDTWith the two main colors of black and white, we launched 6 high impact protection phone cases and, 2 AirPods cases with each brand, integrating RhinoShield's brand gene of "creative and ingenuity" showing the unique interpretation of spiritual philosophy and street culture through each CHANGEMAKER, making the accessories not only an accessory for daily wear, but also a symbol of self-styling! 

 RhinoShield Asia x 6 Changemakers from Taipei


 Introduction of the 6 CHANGEMAKERS


           (Image: RhinoShield x WISDOM)


【RhinoShield x WISDOM®】 

WISDOM creates "TRIP EASY, FUNCTION BEAUTY" apparel for travelers who travel from town to town. They create a style that combines lifestyle and functional aesthetics. WISDOM is brave enough to break through the comfort zone and keep searching for infinite possibilities. This is the spirit of WISDOM's CHANGEMAKER!


RhinoShield x Abei          (Image: RhinoShieldxAbei)


【RhinoShield x ABEI】

The "Mask boy" created by ELEBBIT is not limited by the character itself. "He" can be any living being, you or me. Therefore, “his” personality is richly varied with the life behind the mask. Keep the curiosity and the courage to try everything, and change will happen. This is ABEI's CHANGEMAKER spirit!

Abei: LINK 

 RhinoShield x WILDER

       (Image: RhinoShield x WILDER)


【RhinoShield x WILDER】

WILDER - The Urban Wilderness Traveler, who is dedicated to sharing the vitality of mountains. They are a pointer outdoor community and creative unit in Taiwan. Looking forward to let more people experience the beauty of Taiwan's mountains through a variety of ways. They dare to express their own desires, and focus and decisively put them into practice. This is what WILDER sees as a CHANGEMAKER!



RhinoShield x 9CE skateshop

     (Image: RhinoShield x 9CE skateshop)


【RhinoShield x 9CE skateshop】

9CE, which you can pronounce as "Nice". It is common to shout "Nice!" when a skateboarder makes a successful skateboard trick in every city. 9CE skateshop is dedicated to promoting skateboarding culture. They enjoy the freedom of skateboarding and create a brand that belongs to the street skateboard culture.
CHANGERMAKER, the person who creates change, constantly practicing just to become a cooler, better version of ourselves. This is the spirit of skateboarders, this is 9CE skateshop!

 9CE skateshop: LINK 


RhinoShield x nabiis cycles & coffee

      (Image: RhinoShield x nabiis cycles & coffee)


【RhinoShield x nabiis cycles & coffee】

nabiis cycles & coffee uses bicycle as a carrier to challenge all kinds of possibilities. They combine bicycle and coffee to create a bicycle-style with a strong sense of life. For nabiis, CHANGEMAKER is the role of trying to change and breakthrough. Creating their own rules, not easily defined, not going with the flow.

nabiis cycles & coffee: LINK 

RhinoShield x MFDT

      (Image: RhinoShield x MFDT)


【RhinoShield x MFDT】

MFDT is composed of creators of different styles, extending from tattoo culture to combine various fields; the fusion of art and youth subculture, plural interweaves a variety of cross-border cooperation. For Sun Lung Kung, CHANGEMAKER is not only a change, but also an opportunity creator. Not to be a mundane, but to persist and study what we love. And when the right time comes, we have the opportunity to strike. 



Do you consider yourself a CHANGEMAKER, who tends to create your own rules, not easily defined? Then our CHANGEMAKER City series are what you must not miss!

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