Top 10 of the most frequently asked questions about RHINOSHIELD MagSafe compatible series

After months of hard work, we have finally reached the satisfying result of creating MagSafe compatible accessories with a superior magnetic pull force. We received lots of product inquiries from our customers, so we've compiled a top 10 the most frequently asked questions for you. Hope this article might be helpful for you! 

Q1: Are the RHINOSHIELD MagSafe compatible series MFM (Made for MagSafe) certified? How strong is the magnetic force?

To ensure a better user experience, our R&D team developed a design that supports magnetism and wireless charging with a superior magnetic pull force, which is 2 times stronger than the official MagSafe according to our test results.

Q2: Can I use wireless charging when the RHINOSHIELD GRIPMAX (MagSafe compatible) is attached to the phone?

Please remove this product before wireless charging to avoid potential overheating.

RHINOSHIELD GRIPMAX (MagSafe compatible) - phone grip

Q3: Do RHINOSHIELD MagSafe compatible series products have potential magnetic interference with medical devices?

The MagSafe magnets included in this product may interfere with medical devices. To avoid potential interactions, keep this product at a safe distance away from your medical device (more than 6 inches / 15 cm apart or more than 12 inches / 30 cm apart if wirelessly charging). If you're concerned, stop use and consult with your physician and your medical-device manufacturer.

Q4: Does the GRIPMAX (MagSafe compatible) affect the mobile payment function?

RHINOSHIELD GRIPMAX (MagSafe compatible) supports NFC technology. However, real life situations may vary depending on the placement of the NFC reader for each device and the thickness of all items attached to the device as a whole.


Q5: How do I clean my RHINOSHIELD GRIPMAX (MagSafe compatible)? Can I use alcohol?

For daily cleaning, we suggest using wet wipes. To sanitize, wipe it swiftly with a cloth and a small amount of rubbing alcohol (less than 75%).

Q6: Is the RHINOSHIELD GRIPMAX (MagSafe compatible) tough enough? How many times can it be opened and closed?

According to the test result, the GRIP can be opened and closed at least 200,000 times (= 110 times every day for 5 years) under normal use.


Q7: Can RHINOSHIELD MagSafe compatible series products be recycled?

The magnets on the MagSafe compatible series products are removable, and all the other materials are mono-material. So they're also recyclable.

Q8: Why doesn't RHINOSHIELD develop MagSafe compatible SolidSuit cases?

MagSafe compatible cases are currently available for our Clear and Mod NX series only. Please be reassured that our team is still working very hard on the MagSafe compatible cases for the SolidSuit. To hear about the latest updates, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on our social media channels!

Q9: Can I buy the RHINOSHIELD GRIPMAX (MagSafe compatible) cover individually if I want to change the printing design?

The product is designed to be a one-piece so the cover could not be taken off separately. We recommend getting a new one with a different design based on your personal preference.  RHINOSHIELD GRIPMAX MagSafe compatible

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Q10: What devices are available for the RHINOSHIELD MagSafe compatible series products?

-GRIPMAX (MagSafe compatible) and Mod NX (MagSafe compatible) are available for the iPhone 12 series and above. 

-Clear case (MagSafe compatible) is available for iPhone 12 series and above except for mini. 

RHINOSHIELD MagSafe compatible series
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