At RHINOSHIELD we make the best phone cases on the planet. They’re sleek and tough. But we realized there was another problem to solve. Phones needed a great handle to drop better content without dropping your phone. That’s why we invented GRIPMINI/GRIPMAX. Our new GRIP puts greatness in your hands. 


We understand that you might have some questions regarding this new product before making a purchase.

Here are the top 10 of the most frequently asked questions for your reference:

Q1: Will the surface of the SolidSuit be damaged when removing the GRIP?

Removing the RHINOSHIELD GRIPMINI/GRIPMAX should not damage your phone case. Make sure to follow the proper way of uninstalling the phone grip by referring to our official tutorial video.


Q2: Will the printed design be damaged when removing the Grip?

Removing the RHINOSHIELD GRIPMINI/GRIPMAX should not damage your phone case, however, note that the product is subject to wear and tear depending on how the phone grip is used. Please refer to our tutorial video for more details.


Q3: Will there be any adhesive residue left on the surface upon removing the Grip?

To ensure the RHINOSHIELD GRIPMINI/GRIPMAX is securely attached onto the phone, we opted for a heavy-duty, zero residue adhesive. Should there be any residue left upon removal, you can easily remove it by wiping the surface with water or antibacterial wipes. Please refer to our tutorial video for more details.


Q4: Can I purchase a Grip design separately if I want to change the printed design?

This RHINOSHIELD GRIPMINI/GRIPMAX have a one-piece design, which means that its components are not modular and can't be separated. We recommend getting a new package with customized designs or prints to your personal preference.


Q5: Which surfaces are compatible with the GRIP's adhesive?

The heavy-duty adhesive can be reapplied and is suitable for most hard and flat surfaces. Do not apply on matte silicone, matte glass, leather and other soft materials such as fabric, cotton, cloths, etc. To ensure the GRIPMINI/GRIPMAX adheres well, suggest using them along with a hard and flat surface phone case or RHINOSHIELD phone case.

Q6: How long does it take for the adhesive to lose its stickiness? Is there any way to restore it?

According to the results of our usage tests, the GRIP adhesive can be reused at least 100 times with proper removal. The stickiness might vary depending on the usage or the amount of dust particles that are attached to it. The stickiness can be restored easily by washing it with water and then letting it air-dry (wind or shade).
*Note: After washing, we recommend placing the RHINOSHIELD GRIPMINI/GRIPMAX in a dust-free environment to ensure the adhesive will not come in contact with other cleaning agents or fabrics.
Please refer to our tutorial video for more details.

highly reusable


Q7: How do I clean the GRIP? Can I use alcohol?

For daily cleaning, we suggest using wet wipes. To sanitize, wipe the RHINOSHIELD GRIPMINI/GRIPMAX swiftly with a cloth and a small amount of rubbing alcohol (less than 75%). While cleaning, make sure wipes or the cloth with the alcohol solution do not get in contact with the adhesive, to prevent it from getting damaged.

Q8: How durable is the GRIP? How many times can it be opened and closed?

According to the test result, the GRIP can be opened and closed at least 200,000 times (= 110 times every day for 5 years) under normal use.
rhinoshield grip


Q9: Does the GRIP affect the function of mobile payment?

RHINOSHIELD GRIPMINI/GRIPMAX is compatible with NFC technology. However, real life situations may vary depending on the placement of the NFC reader for each device and the thickness of all items attached to the device as a whole.


Q10: Can we use wireless charging when the GRIP is attached to the phone?

RHINOSHIELD GRIPMINI/GRIPMAX is compatible with wireless charging. However, the overall charging efficiency depends on the chargers used and the number of items attached to the phone. If the charging connectivity is affected, we will suggest removing the RHINOSHIELD GRIPMINI/GRIPMAX from the phone and reattaching it until after the phone is fully charged. You could temporarily adhere the RHINOSHIELD GRIPMINI/GRIPMAX to a clean plastic, glass or metal surface to avoid dust from collecting onto the adhesive.