Polymer Screen Protectors vs Tempered Glass: Which Is Right for You

Are you torn between getting tempered glass or a polymer screen protector? The former has become a popular choice partly because of its thick design and durability. But, did you know that a polymer screen protector will not shatter or crack easily?

Most mobile phone users don’t know that toughened glass is brittle, making it fragile. It can protect phones from breaking in some instances, but the item itself isn’t exempt from cracking. 

On the contrary, a polymer-based screen protector can survive  bumps, falls, and drops, keeping your phone in its pristine condition for a long time.

Not quite convinced yet? Read on as we unravel why a plastic-based screen protector isn’t lesser than its glass counterpart.

Tempered Glass vs. Polymer Screen Protector

Tempered glass is one of the most common types of screen protectors. Some people like it because it protects their phone screens from impact and scratches while keeping a clear phone display.

The biggest advantage of tempered glass is its manufacturing process. Tempered glass screen protectors are heated at a high temperature and then cooled. As they endure both extreme heat and rapid cooling, this type tends to be stronger and scratch-resistant than normal glass.

Polymer screen protectors, on the other hand, are made from a sustainable plastic material. This means they can be recycled, making them an ideal choice for environmentally-conscious mobile phone users.

Aside from sustainability, polymer screen guards have many other selling points, such as flexibility and various texture options. 

However, people think polymer screen protectors aren’t as durable as tempered glass because they’re plastic-based. Some also opt for tempered glass because it doesn’t scratch or smudge easily, enables smooth navigation, and provides clear display.

3D Impact Screen Protector: A Game-changing Polymer Screen Protector

RHINOSHIELD developed a polymer screen protector that will change the way people think of plastic-based screen protection products

Designing products with sustainability in mind, we launched a 3D Impact Screen Protector for iPhone line from the iPhone 7 models to iPhone 14 series, as well as the Apple Watch series. 

Our all-new 3D Impact Screen Protector is made from an exclusive polymer composite material, ensuring flexible, full-coverage, and high-impact protection.  

Flexible & Long-lasting

Polymer composites have excellent friction and wear performance; their elasticity can be also improved through chemical modification or composition formation. 

Unlike tempered glass, our 3D Screen Protector is made with an exclusive flexible polymer, a material resistant to scratches and impacts. This means you won’t have to worry about getting cracks or scratches on your screen and changing your screen protector frequently.


High-impact Resistance

One of the most significant advantages of polymer composites is their high tensile strength-to-weight ratio—they’re durable but lightweight.

Made from a polymer composite material, our 3D Impact Screen Protector doesn’t break into small pieces easily, regardless how often it encounters potentially devastating shock and impact.

Our Product Team has put the 3D Impact screen protector through rigorous tests. After a series of hammer, free-fall, and ball drop tests, we confirm the product’s ability to absorb shocks with flying colors.


Full 3D Curved Coverage

The problem with some polymer screen protectors in the market is that they only offer 2.5D coverage - in other words, non-edge-to-edge protection. They don’t completely cover the edges or corners of modern iPhone screens.

Conversely, our 3D Impact Screen Protector provides full-screen coverage. The custom polymer film’s edges are contoured to the device for a seamless look and a wider protected area. 

Smooth Surface

Our 3D Impact Screen Protector gives the same feeling you get from tempered glass protectors. It has exceptional everyday scratch defense, resists fingerprints and smudges, and is fully repositionable or reusable.

Make the Most Out of Your iPhone

Mobile phones are arguably the most precious belonging nowadays. Your iPhone might have brought you so much entertainment and convenience every day–and having a shattered screen is probably the last thing you want to happen.

Investing in a good quality screen protector like RHINOSHIELD’s 3D Impact Screen Protector extends the life of your iPhone and keeps it functional for a long time. 

Our screen protector withstands a lot of stress–from bending over to free falls, drops, and many other high-impact scenarios. It’s also long-lasting, which means you won’t need to change your screen protector often.

The best part is that you can choose a screen type that suits your needs–a transparent screen for an uncompromised viewing experience, a privacy screen for filtered screen viewing, and a matte screen for anti-glare, smooth, and dust-resistant surface.

Learn more about our game-changing solution to screen protection at https://rhinoshield.co/pages/3d-impact

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