Should you Get a Case for Your Apple Watch?

Apple products tend to be scratch and dent-resistant, but your Apple device is not invincible. 

Some people don’t think it’s necessary to protect their Apple Watches the same way they might protect their iPhone. Since we wear our watches on our wrists, however, they’re actually more at risk of being knocked or scratched than a phone.

Keeping it protected with a large-screen case and 3D impact screen protector will provide a similar level of protection as a case and screen protector would for your phone.

rhinoshield apple watch cases and screen protector

Still not convinced? Here’s why it’s worth investing in an Apple Watch case:

Screen replacements are expensive

Replacing the screen of the Apple Watch is not cheap. You can expect to pay between RM300 - RM600 in Malaysia.

To avoid spending that amount of money, you can protect your watch with a screen protector - available from RHINOSHIELD. 

With 3D curved edges contoured to the device for a seamless look and a wider protected area, an Apple Watch case will keep your watch screen safe from impacts and protect the watch’s sides as well.

rhinoshield apple watch 3d impact screen protector

What's special about RHINOSHIELD 3D Impact Screen Protector?

Dents and Scratches

Protecting your Apple Watch from scratches and dents keeps your watch looking great and working well. 

Our CrashGuard NX for Apple Watches is the best solution for preventing damage. This tough bumper case comes in all kinds of colors to suit your style. The rim of the same color as the frame is included in the standard set, and you can also pick up a different color to create your own combinations.

 RHINOSHIELD apple watch cases

How to install an Apple Watch case?

Resale value

As Apple keeps coming out with new watches we eventually end up buying the best new Apple Watch on the market.

When the time comes to change or upgrade your watch, you might consider selling your old watch.

Protecting your Apple Watch from damage will help with the potential resale value. Buyers are going to be picky about scratches and dents on the watch and its value will be based on the condition.

In the long run, it saves you money and you can easily get back half or more of how much you have spent on the watch.


Keeping it Clean

No matter how hard you try to keep your watch clean, by wearing it you are exposing it to all manner of substances and germs.

Perfume, solvents, detergents, acids, water, sweat, or dirt... your watch will pick these things up over time. 

If you use your watch during workouts, for example, you’ll definitely want to protect your Apple Watch. Sweat builds up on your skin and interacts with bacteria which can cause the watch to corrode overtime.

Other substances can also get trapped between your watch and your skin, which can lead to skin irritation and also potentially damage your watch. A watch case can help protect both surfaces and allow you to clean contact surfaces without damaging the watch itself.

Apple products are top-of-the-line, and they come with a matching price tag. Since replacement parts can be expensive, looking after your watch is important.

Rather than pay a hefty sum to fix your Apple Watch, prevent damage first. A protective case and screen protector can help look after your equipment to ensure your Apple Watch stays in tip-top condition.

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