Transform your Android Samsung/Google smartphones into MagSafe wonders in 2 simple steps

Android MagSafe

To empower your phone with a variety of electronic device (iPhone, iPad and other smart phones) magnetic accessories, it needs to possess the built-in MagSafe magnetic function found in iPhones. But can Android phones like Samsung and Google Pixel also use MagSafe accessories? Absolutely, with the RHINOSHIELD MagSafe-compatible accessories! Let us guide you through 2 steps to elevate your Android phone to MagSafe functionality, offering you the freedom to choose from a plethora of MagSafe accessories!

Upgrading Android to MagSafe in 2 Steps

While Android phones may not come with built-in magnetic features like iPhones, with the right MagSafe accessories, you can still enjoy magnetic attraction on your Android device! 

Step 1: Choose a MagSafe-Compatible Phone Case MagSafe-compatible phone cases embed magnetic rings, providing the necessary magnetic force to attach MagSafe accessories securely. Selecting a case with sufficient magnetic strength is crucial to prevent the risk of slipping for both your phone and MagSafe accessories!

How to find a MagSafe-compatible case with strong magnetic force? For instance, RHINOSHIELD offers MagSafe-compatible cases specifically designed for Android phones, utilizing RHINOSHIELD's exclusive MagFit technology, boasting twice the magnetic force. It's a rare find in the market, enhancing the magnetic strength of Android MagSafe-compatible cases.

It supports various Android phone models, including Samsung Galaxy S23/S23+/S23 Ultra, Google Pixel 8/Pixel 8 Pro/Pixel 7/Pixel 7a/Pixel 7 Pro, and more.

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If you can't find a MagSafe-compatible case for your specific phone model, you can opt for the RHINOSHIELD MagSafe Magnetic Ring. This way, you can attach the magnetic ring to your existing phone case externally.


Step 2: Choose Suitable MagSafe Accessories Once you have a MagSafe-compatible case with strong magnetic force, you can begin selecting MagSafe accessories that suit your preferences. The beauty of accessories attached via magnetic force is the ability to change them effortlessly at any time, leaving no marks. This allows you to have multiple MagSafe accessories according to your usage habits, easily swapping them anytime, anywhere!

Recommended MagSafe Accessories for Android.

Here are some practical and convenient MagSafe accessories for Android phones that can add versatility to your life:

MagSafe Phone GRIP

The MagSafe phone GRIP attaches to the back of your phone, allowing you to prop it up and assisting with one-handed grip. RHINOSHIELD offers two options: GRIPMAX and GRIP O, both featuring exclusive patented designs for quick and easy deployment. The stands can be used for hands-free viewing, whether you're taking selfies, watching videos, or simply adjusting your phone to a vertical or horizontal position.


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MagSafe Magnetic Water Bottle- AquaStand

Yes, even a water bottle can serve as a phone stand! RHINOSHIELD's exclusive AquaStand magnetic water bottle has a magnetic ring embedded in the handle. Gently attach your phone, and voilà – a perfect lazy phone stand! With options of 800ml and 700ml, you can adjust the handle for the perfect visual angle. 

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Can't imagine how to use it?

"Eating out and want to watch a show? No need to search for a plate to prop up your phone – your AquaStand is right there to help!"

"Cooking at home and need to check a recipe? No need to touch your phone with greasy hands – your AquaStand is there for you!"

"Video calling with family and want to free up your hands for other tasks? No need to hold your phone – your AquaStand has got you covered! (It can even give you the perfect top-view angle.)"

"At the gym and want to record or watch instructional videos? No need to place your phone near dangerous equipment or on the floor – your AquaStand is here to help!"

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Of course, you can also choose additional MagSafe accessories like wireless chargers, power banks, or car mounts. With a RHINOSHIELD MagSafe-compatible phone case, you can seamlessly switch between any magnetic accessory in a second, transforming your phone into a stand or any daily tool in the blink of an eye!

"Join the MagSafe family now – anything that can be done in 1 second, never waste another second."

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