Customization Galore: Personalize your RHINOSHIELD Phone Case

In a world that celebrates individuality, personalizing your belongings has become a powerful means of self-expression. Your smartphone, often an extension of your personality, is no exception. 

At RHINOSHIELD we take personalization to a whole new level with our intuitive design tool. We've turned phone case customization into an art form. Let's explore the world of personalization, where your phone case becomes a canvas for your creativity and a symbol of your unique style.

Our platform, available on the RHINOSHIELD website, empowers you to effortlessly design your custom phone case. You can incorporate stickers, text, images, and more. With a commitment to high-quality materials. It won’t only look great but also provide reliable device protection.

RHINOSHIELD phone cases

RHINOSHIELD NodNX, Clear, and SolidSuit Case


RHINOSHIELD offers a variety of phone case types and materials to cater to different preferences and needs: 

SolidSuit: Our flagship product combines a slim design with exceptional impact protection. Crafted from a high-density polymer material, it offers excellent shock absorption while maintaining a sleek profile. 

Mod NX Case + Backplate System: For versatile customization, choose this option, which allows you to attach different backplates, giving you the flexibility to switch between various designs.

Mod NX Backplate Only: If you already own a Mod NX Case, RHINOSHIELD offers separate backplates for purchase, offering a cost-effective way to refresh your case's appearance. 

Clear Case: Designed to showcase your phone's original beauty, this transparent case offers excellent scratch resistance and protection while maintaining a minimalistic look.

Once you've chosen your case type, you can select either the standard version or the MagSafe version for each case type, depending on your compatibility and functionality preferences.

 design your own case

RHINOSHIELD Design Your Own Case

Customize Your Design

Now, let's dive into the exciting world of personalization– the heart and soul of your RHINOSHIELD case. With our user-friendly design tool, you have a multitude of creative avenues to explore: 

Images: Transform your precious memories and artistic visions into wearable art. You can craft a truly unique masterpiece that reflects your essence by uploading high-resolution images, photographs, or original artwork. 

Pre-Made Designs, Patterns, and Themes: If you seek inspiration or prefer the convenience of ready-made options, RHINOSHIELD offers an array of pre-designed choices. Discover the design that resonates perfectly with your distinctive style, from intricate patterns to captivating themes. 

Photo Collages: Unleash your creativity by curating captivating photo collages featuring your favorite snapshots. RHINOSHIELD simplifies the process with templates and filters, creating a joyful and imaginative experience.

Custom Text: Elevate your design with personalized text. Select from layout templates or craft your very own text design to infuse your case with a touch of individuality and meaning. 

Mementos: Commemorate special occasions, dates, or cherished memories by imprinting meaningful text or numbers directly onto your phone case. RHINOSHIELD offers a selection of background options to enhance the significance of these cherished mementos. 

Stickers: Unveil the latest addition to our customization toolkit – Stickers. RHINOSHIELD's sticker collection is an expansive treasure trove that takes your phone case to new heights of personalization.

Preview and Order

After creating your design, take advantage of RHINOSHIELD's 3D preview feature. This tool allows you to visualize your design on your device, ensuring it aligns with your vision. 

Once your design captures your imagination, confidently move it to the shopping cart. While you're there, take a moment to explore additional accessories that can enhance your mobile experience, such as tempered glass screen protectors and lanyard attachments. 

RHINOSHIELD offers a variety of reliable payment methods to ensure a smooth and hassle-free transaction. Congratulations! You've skillfully designed your one-of-a-kind custom phone case with RHINOSHIELD. 

Now, all that's left is the exciting countdown to the moment it arrives at your doorstep, ready to showcase your unique style to the world.


Your smartphone is more than just a communication tool; it reflects your identity. With RHINOSHIELD's custom cases, personalization becomes an art form, and your phone case transforms into a captivating expression of who you are. 

From selecting the perfect case type to crafting your design and accessorizing your device, RHINOSHIELD offers a complete journey of self-expression and protection. Visit RHINOSHIELD's custom page today and embrace the opportunity to create a phone case that is uniquely yours. 

Unleash your creativity, showcase your personality, and enjoy the exceptional protection that RHINOSHIELD offers. Your phone is your canvas – let it be a masterpiece. Happy designing!