RhinoShield’s Newest Snoopy Collection is Cuteness Overload!

As a leading brand in phone case and accessories, RhinoShield has dropped a new collection in collaboration with Snoopy. A total of 25 designs, cases available for iPhones, Androids as well as AirPods.

Throughout this collection, you’ll find a variety of styles - some are lively and adorable while others are elegant and subtle. A diverse collection that fully showcases Snoopy’s lifestyle and spirit, it’s a collection you shouldn’t miss as a Snoopy fan!

RhinoShield x Snoopy Collection

Live A Simple Life with Snoopy

The mischievous, imaginative and sometimes lazy Snoopy is a classical character who has influenced many people across generations, and up until today, he is still adored by countless fans around the world. 

The RhinoShield x Snoopy collection adopted the simplicity and hand-drawn style from the Peanuts comic strips by Charles M. Schulz. Featuring characters such as Snoopy, Woodstock and Charlie Brown, the collection also fully embodies the “stay at home and outdoor” themes, which are highly relatable to the modern lifestyle of this generation.

RhinoShield x Snoopy collection

Happiness Can be Found Anywhere. Both Indoors and Outdoors

Home quarantine will never be lonely again as long as we have Snoopy with us! It’s so comforting to know Snoopy is like anyone of us, he takes naps on the floor, wear pajamas all day long and cuddles with Charlie Brown on the sofa. 

In the “out the door” series, Snoopy displays his vibrant characteristics. He plays baseball, goes on road trips and camps with friends, doing all sorts of outdoor activities that are trending among youngsters. 

In the stickers series, there are designs that’ll remind us of our suitcases - covered with all sorts of tags and stickers; carrying our precious memories of each trip. A collection with such variety will meet all your needs, it’s a must-have for Snoopy fans but also a little pick-me-up for those who are looking for something more sophisticated. 

RhinoShield x Snoopy collection

A Place Where Everyone Finds Their Style

The Snoopy x RhinoShield collection includes a total of 25 designs, supporting the MOD NX product line with multiple colors of rims and buttons to choose from. Numerous backplate designs to mix and match your style, and create a case that’s uniquely yours! 

In addition to phone case designs, 7 AirPods case designs are also available in this collection. You’ll find some Snoopy and Woodstock designs featuring RhinoShield’s renowned black white and yellow colors. You can also mix and match the colors of the top and bottom parts, creating an AirPods case that reflects your personality the most!

Snoopy x RhinoShield collection

Come On and Join the Snoopy Family! 

This collection is available for both iPhone and Android users, the SolidSuit product line covers a large range of devices and models, you will most definitely be able to find a Snoopy case for your phone. 
At RhinoShield, we pride ourselves as being creative and always challenging the status quo. We’re constantly on the lookout for well-known IPs all over the world, expanding our designs and products to offer more choices for our customers. Shop now at RhinoShield.CO to bring home your favorite Snoopy design: 


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