The Best MagSafe Compatible Accessories For iPhone 12 & 13 & 14

What's MagSafe?

Did you know that you can wirelessly charge your iPhone or Apple devices? The credit goes to MagSafe, a magnetic technology that makes charging more convenient.

Initially introduced for charging Macbook laptops in 2006, Apple relaunched MagSafe in 2020 for easier attachment and faster wireless charging of iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models, as well as other Apple accessories.

The magnet attachment system uses a Qi-based wireless charging coil, allowing up to 15W of peak power delivery on iPhone 12, 13 and new iPhone 14 series and up to 12W charging on iPhone 12 and 13 mini. 

At RHINOSHIELD, we recognize the importance of simplified and enhanced wireless charging and offer phone cases and accessories fully compatible with MagSafe charging. 

Read on to learn more about our MagSafe compatible product line and what sets it apart from the rest. 

More About Our MagSafe Compatible Series

RHINOSHIELD offers robust and top quality MagSafe compatible accessories for your iPhone 12 series and above. Everything in the series boasts superior magnetic pull force for MagSafe–one of the highest magnetic strengths you can find in the market. Our MagSafe compatible products are twice as strong as the official Apple products, ensuring your phone stays secured anytime and wherever you go. 


Not only that, but the entire collection is customizable and eco-friendly! We have thousands of prints, including original designs and collaboration collections, and each product is made sustainable. 

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RHINOSHIELD MagSafe compatible series- original and collaboration collection prints

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Check out our MagSafe compatible selection below:

RHINOSHIELD MagSafe compatible series

GRIPMAX (MagSafe compatible) 

GRIPMAX (MagSafe compatible) is a phone grip specially designed for MagSafe phone holders. It has one of the strongest MagSafe magnetic pulls on the market, giving your device maximum stability and security.

Also, GRIPMAX is relatively easy to operate. You can use it as a grip or prop it a phone stand either horizontally or vertically, without worrying about the product wear and tear. The reason? Because GRIPMAX is confirmed to withstand over 200,000 usage tests under normal use.

Clear Case (MagSafe compatible)

A clear case that looks new all the time is one of the best must-haves for iPhone owners. What more if that case is made compatible with MagSafe charging? A perfect product indeed!

RHINOSHIELD’s Clear Case (MagSafe compatible) is the ideal choice if you want an aesthetic, minimalist phone holder with unmatched toughness. This MagSafe compatible accessory exceeds military standards, has advanced yellowing and scratch resistance, and is watermark free.

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Mod NX (MagSafe compatible) 

Who doesn’t want a tough and stylish MagSafe phone case? It’s nice to have an impact-protection phone cover like the Mod NX. 

Aside from the compatibility with wireless charging and untapped durability, this MagSafe compatible accessory comes with various customization options. It lets you switch between a bumper and a backplate, giving the complete freedom to change casing designs as you wish.

Summing It Up 

Your iPhone is an extension of you; it expresses your individuality, helps you accomplish daily routines and connects you with the people around you, among other things.

Invest in high-quality accessories and phone cases to ensure your device remains functional and serves its purposes for a long time. It’s also ideal to buy MagSafe compatible products, especially if you prefer wireless charging. 

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