6 Phone Accessories that'll Make Holiday Travels Easier

Here at RHINOSHIELD expect the best smartphone accessories for any occasion.

Since the holiday season is around the corner, travelling is on the agenda. Whether you’re going on a family trip or a personal adventure, it’s the perfect time to pack your bags and bring along some of these great travel phone accessories.

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Whether you are travelling by plane, train, or automobile these travel mobile accessories will make your journey more enjoyable. They also are excellent gifts for friends and family who love to travel.

At RHINOSHIELD we've got your mobile phone covered!

The perfect GRIP!

You may not think this accessory is very important, but the little things come in handy!

Every year it seems phones get bigger and bigger, increasing the possibility of your iPhone slipping out of your hand.

You may wanna know: phone rings vs phone grips: which one is better?

A cracked screen or a chipped corner can easily happen even if you’re not clumsy. 

With over 200,000 usage tests, the GRIPMINI and GRIPMAX are first on our holiday list. 

This attachment allows for the phone to be held vertically or horizontally, which is especially perfect for watching videos.



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Customise your GRIP with a selection from RHINOSHIELD or even build your own personal design. Design Your Own GRIP now!

RHINOSHIELD GRIP-Customize your own
If you have a MagSafe compatible iphone case, the GRIPMAX (MagSafe compatible) is a great compatible choice. Perfect for iPhone wireless charger users that don't like carrying around their USB-c charger. Our accessories have one of the strongest magnetic pulls on the market, it will slide open within a second for a handy phone grip in any orientation.

Braided Lightning to USB-C Cable

Buying the right cables to charge your devices may not be as easy as you think. A faulty cable can easily ruin your travel experience, or worse, harm your smartphone.

RHINOSHIELD has a few options for cable, but if you are travelling and worried about your cable breaking opt for one of these.

There’s a 1 and 2 metres cable option which is compact for travelling and can help you charge your phone no matter how far away the socket is. With this kind of quality cable, it is less likely to fray than plastic braiding, and there’s also less chance it will tangle.

CrashGuard NX

If you want protection but don’t want to fully cover your phone, our CrashGuard NX is a great bumper phone case that will get you covered.

RHINOSHIELD CrashGuard NX- protective phone case

With more than 10 colours to choose from and with changeable rims and buttons, you can mix and match colours to make the case truly yours.

RHINOSHIELD allows you to mix and match your phone case- CrashGuard NX

The most important feature to take note of is our proprietary ShockSpread™. This material provides impact protection of 11 feet (3.5m), despite being 20% thinner than other cases that offer a similar level of protection.


If you're more of an outdoor person and love climbing mountains, going hiking or are into any kind of sport adventure, the SolidSuit is the perfect investment for you.

RHINOSHIELD phone case-SolidSuitRHINOSHIELD phone case-SolidSuit

SolidSuit technology provides maximum protection, so even if you drop your phone you’re less likely to break it. It is also available for Android devices, which you can find listed here

RHINOSHIELD Android phone case

RHINOSHIELD Android phone case


Our ShockSpread™ material makes it incredibly difficult to break. This means the case provides a tight fit, preventing your phone from falling out during an impact. 

Imagine going hiking or skiing and your new iPhone falls. With our cases expect extra protection and safety from accidents like these.

Our ShockSpread™ material reduces overall volume by 40% and overall thickness by 22%, making it slips into your pocket easily when you’re rushing around on your travels.

Additionally, for iPhone 14 users our SolidSuit MagSafe compatible cases provide one of the most powerful magnetic pull forces for wireless charging.

MagSafe Series

MagSafe is a very clean, fuss-free technology that can simplify your life. This neat way of charging is still new and not familiar to everyone. 

For those who are fans of wireless charging, RHINOSHIELD has a MagSafe compatible series for all your favourite cases. 

These phone case accessories provide one of the most powerful magnetic pull forces in the market. Attach any accessories like your card holders, MagSafe wallet, MagSafe car mount, phone grip GRIPMAX (MagSafe compatible), without having to worry about them moving throughout the day.


Mod NX

The Mod NX case allows you to convert it to a standard case. This means you can remove the rim and install a backplate to turn your bumper into a standard case. Check out the tutorial video below to learn more:


Fully customisable and easily built from scratch on our website, you change your case colour and choose from more than thousands of different backplate designs. RHINOSHIELD Mod NX-modular phone case


The case bends slightly for easier installation and that is because of the material of the ShockSpread™. This same property means the case provides a tight fit, preventing your phone from falling out during impact.

They also contain no BPA, BPS or BPF – chemicals commonly used in plastics which have been linked to possible developmental issues in young children, as well as reproductive toxicity. 👇

Whether you want to purchase a phone accessory for your travels or buy it for someone else, RHINOSHIELD has many high-quality mobile accessories to help you prepare for your trip.


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